• Gregory Z. Smith

4 Months

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

The election is November 5 (and according to new state law, those of us winning our elections will be sworn in on January 1). I'm a naturally optimistic guy, and I've also been hearing a lot of positives from people. So, I'm getting very good "vibes" about this race. We just have to remember there's a lot of work to be done between now and Election Day.

So far there are only two announced candidates for mayor, but I am confident at least two more will be announcing soon. Through all of this I am grateful for all of the support and enthusiasm people are sharing with me.

We need to be sure that people understand how ranked choice voting works because we can be fairly certain other announcements will come. We need to be sure people are registered to vote. We need to ensure that people know what I bring to the office of mayor. We need to be sure I meet as many voters as possible (while continuing to do my best for District 2).

Four months may seem like a long time, but they will pass quickly.

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