• Gregory Z. Smith


Updated: Jul 22, 2019

Economic Diversity - Health Care

Las Cruces has a long history of people choosing to come here for their health. In addition to people making their homes here seeking dry air and mild winters, there were facilities at Dripping Springs and at the north end of Alameda Street. In addition to that history, in recent decades the number of hospitals and clinics has been expanding so that people retiring here and families growing here can expect a wide and improving range of medical and health services.

This is a field where it is reasonable to expect that there will continue to be opportunities for careers and employment well into the future, even if we simply maintain our current levels and even more certainly as we continue to grow what is available. With the Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine, nursing studies at both NMSU and DACC, and medical studies at one of the Arrowhead Early College High Schools, we are training and attracting more medical professionals in Las Cruces.

One area of ongoing need is in the behavioral health, psychiatric, and psychological fields. We need to continue to work on better serving that need and improving the incentives for medical and health professionals in multiple fields to come here or remain here.

There have always been great reasons to make Las Cruces home. Having a career in health care or knowing that health care needs are well covered here will be ongoing and growing reasons to love being in Las Cruces.

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