• Gregory Z. Smith


Updated: Aug 5, 2019


En inglés o español, el mensaje es el mismo: es más fácil ser quien eres que pretender ser alguien quien no eres.

In English or Spanish, the message is the same: it is easier to be who you are than to pretend to be someone whom you are not.

It was natural for me to treat the job as city councilor as a full-time one. That is how I approach things: do what needs to be done, even when it is not always the easiest thing to do. There are many facets to serving on the council that may be missed by those who recognize only the side of our jobs seen in newspaper articles and on news reports.

Thus, being on the job, present, listening, engaged, may be the most integral piece of being mayor. It is something I have done as a councilor, as a chairperson, and as mayor pro tem. It is what I will do as mayor.

Esto es quien soy, y esto es lo que hago.

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