• Gregory Z. Smith


Updated: Jul 29, 2019


Las Cruces is an inclusive home to a diverse population: over 100,000 people with a range of experiences, backgrounds, views of the world, and expectations for their hometown. While we may never be able to be "everything to everybody," we can be a whole lot more to all of us here now and to all who will call Las Cruces home in the future.

A mayor who listens to all in the community is a critical part of that dynamic.

Like so many topics in this campaign and in the work we do on the City Council, this particular vision piece overlaps with other pieces. So, it might be classified as part of "leadership," or it might be classified as part of "integrity." Certainly, it also works with "economic diversity."

We can move beyond "one size fits all" solutions. Each of us has unique capabilities and unique needs. Some of our characteristics are close to universal, but others are very much our own strengths and challenges.

There is power in our diversity.

At a recent event in Las Cruces, I can reasonably say I was part of a crowd of people whose ancestry originally came from every continent except Antartica. That is part of our strength here. We can honor our traditions and diversity in a fusion of flavors, textures, colors, and sounds.

We also have in Las Cruces members of families who can trace their origins here back more than five hundred years, as well as people who've only arrived here this year. Las Cruces is home to people with both the long and the short views of what we are as well as people with global and local perspectives. We need them all because we are more than any one sector.

So, I plan to be Mayor for all of Las Cruces, and that includes listening to anyone and everyone in Las Cruces.

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