• Gregory Z. Smith


Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Snow on the Organ Mountains 2018

If you look carefully at this photo, you can see some human-made intrusions into the shot. However, what takes our breath away is what nature does all by itself.

With our Organ Mountains as a backdrop, it would seem to require of us that we make an extra effort to avoid unnecessary intrusions into the view shed, and when we do add human elements, we should either work to make them minimally intrusive or work to make them rise to their own level of exceptional design in a way that complements the existing natural and built environment.

I'm sure there will be ongoing debate about how close is too close for us to build near the base of the majestic Organs, but my focus is first on what we build within the confines of the infill area; then, within the city limits. In particular, we have opportunities to "go big" (as in ideas, not necessarily size) with our vacant and underused lots (I-Cubed), with our existing historic structures (historic preservation), and with our vacant and underused newer and/or non-historic structures (repurposing).

Our Organ Mountains rise above all that we do. That is inspiration that begs for us to make the aesthetic of what we build worthy of the place where we are building.

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