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Amador Proximo - The Innovation Gin

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

After visiting Boston’s Innovation District at my first National League of Cities Congress of Cities in 2012, I suggested Las Cruces look for ways to develop our own zone for innovation.  The old cotton gin area seemed to be a natural fit since it was (and remains still) largely vacant and blighted, and it is near major roadways as well as the revitalization efforts downtown.

The Old Cotton Press Tower and the Armijo Lateral

Boston Innovation District started in 2010:


Here are some Innovation Gin Comments I shared on Facebook in 2014 (I also made a presentation to the Council in 2012 that I will locate and add later):


Then City Councilor for that district (now State Representative) Nathan Small was instrumental in efforts to develop the Amador Proximo Blueprint in 2015:


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