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Campaign Platform

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

Several people have asked me what the platform is for this campaign for mayor. First and most importantly, it is about Las Cruces, who we are, where we are going, what we can be.

Beyond that, there are four central planks to the platform in my campaign for mayor, and they form the acronym LIVE in English and VIVA in Spanish.

Leadership - Vitalidad (not a precise translation, but workable)

* Lead by being the same kind of full-time mayor as I have been a full-time councilor

* Lead on the Council by meeting regularly with the other council members to help with procedures and steps toward goals

* Lead in the Community by continuing to meet regularly with constituents and respond to concerns, ideas, and requests

* Lead by example as far as attention in meetings, respect for all city residents and stakeholders, action on community issues

* Lead in researching, attending, listening, sharing, processing, and producing

Integrity - Integridad

* Always be who I am

* Respect individuality and what is unique in others

* Know how to be positive, honest, diplomatic, and productive

* Do what is best for Las Cruces while ensuring it is fair to all concerned

Vision - Visión

* Include Innovative use of vacant and underused properties

* Work with other entities to get the highest and best use partnering resources

* Increase transportation options, particularly between downtown/MVITT and the convention center/NMSU

* Increase and improve paths from unemployment and homelessness to careers and homes

* Integrate and interface across disciplines and through venues

Economic Diversity - Acción Económica Diversa (closer translation)

* Expand our Creative Economy

* Support our growth industries in entertainment, education, health care, and engineering

* Integrate those with traditional industries of construction, agriculture, and various services

* Pursue tourism, research, unique manufacture, and recycling opportunities

Three of the things I've worked for are shown in this photo: the Plaza de Las Cruces, the sundial in the center, and the water feature at the north end.

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