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Concepts for Villa Mora

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

The idea is to mostly leave it natural, but to also add some amenities like a community center and possibly a small urban hub area on the south side of Madrid Avenue.

Concept for West View of Community Center Built on Old Dam at Villa Mora.

Existing Villa Mora Dam from West Side

Obviously, showing the vegetation and erosion in my concept rendering would require a lot more time on my part, but hopefully the concept of using space for the center that has already been disturbed (by building the dam many decades ago) rather than the more natural areas comes through. Also, the views from on top of the dam are great, both of the Organ Mountains to the east and of the horizon (and sunsets) to the west.

Villa Mora is bisected by Madrid Avenue where it connects with Triviz, which is just to the other side (east) of the retention and mostly natural area. Thus, what is done here should be easily accessed by citizens in this part of District 3 as well as citizens from across Las Cruces.

While high priority should be given to the wishes of the residents near this area and to the wishes of their representative on the City Council, Councilor Gabe Vasquez, this also has to be recognized as an asset for the whole city, especially if the community center is built atop the dam where it will be very visible from I-25.

Councilor Vasquez suggested that this could be both a nature center and First Peoples' center. I believe this location would offer great opportunities to do that. I have supported honoring the Piro-Manso-Tiwa since long before I was on the Council, and I believe that the existence of pit-houses and small pueblos in our area make a great case for having some place where we can educate modern residents about our predecessors.

Southeast View of Concept Community Center

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