• Gregory Z. Smith

Film in Las Cruces

This has been an uncertain path for me. I have no background in film and no sense of what works, what doesn't in this field. So, I appreciate the hard work that members of our community have put in over the years on bringing this industry to our area.

Where I am especially pleased to be part of the conversation is in the development of a Creative Campus in the Arrowhead Park part of the NMSU campus. This will tie in with programs (CMI and CMT) at NMSU and DACC, and it will have other connections to the Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine, the Early College High Schools, and a wide range of other disciplines and activities in our educational institutions and other entities in our area.

So, the soundstage and other parts of the Creative Campus being what people first see as they come into Las Cruces from the south will very likely be inspiring and inviting for exploration.

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