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LIVE Las Cruces... How

People keep asking how they can help get me elected. I recently commented here on why I am running for mayor and mentioned that there is also a how I plan to run. Frankly, there is much about campaigning that seems "standard" and "must do." This campaign will have some of that, which is, after all, expected. However, this campaign will also have some unique "Gregory Z." aspects to it, and anyone who knows me should expect that!

We do have a list of things we will be doing. At the top of that list are two I will have to do, just me. Next, are things supporters can do, regardless of where they live, that won't cost anything. Following those will be what we have to raise funds to do, but our hope is to have this campaign pack a lot of wallop for every bit of the resources invested.

Here, then, are the first four items on the list:

  1. Continue Doing the Best Job I Can as Councilor

  2. Continue to Be Who I Am

  3. Circulate Positive Word of Mouth

  4. Speak when Invited

Of course, in the end, our efforts should result in voters casting their, but these four components and the five or six others that will follow should help ensure that they do and that they mark me as their first choice in the ranked choice voting on the November 5 ballots.

Best Job as Councilor

I often hear compliments about the fact that I attend various events, respond to emails, and share thoughtful comments at meetings. In addition to continuing to do those things this year, I will also continue to chair the committees I do, attend the other committees and boards on which I am a member, and introduce resolutions or initiatives I believe will benefit our community. For many, this is what already recommends me for taking on the job of mayor. As this year progresses and as I continue to do what I have been doing, more people will inevitably take note.

Being Who I Am

Sometimes it seems to wear on people to have to take on a role that requires they act as opposed to simply being themselves. What I have done as a councilor, what I did as mayor pro tem, and what I will do as mayor are essentially extensions of what I would be doing, even if I was not holding elected office, and what I have done, even when I didn't hold elected office. Many of the dynamics change when one has a title like "Councilor," but it helps for who one is to remain constant.

Word of Mouth

The most powerful way that anyone can help this campaign is to share what you like about me, what you like about the job I've been doing, and what you like about my vision for our community. Even people who no longer live here or who live outside the city limits can share such thoughts with their friends here. There will definitely be people who've disagreed with my position on some issue; they may choose to share their comments as well, but I believe the best way to counteract that is to point out where I've been a positive force for Las Cruces. There will also be people who've never heard of me or who typically skip municipal elections. If you can help them know more about what I've been doing and help them commit to voting this year, that will be big.

Speaking Engagements and Interviews

There are all kinds of events, groups, and programs in Las Cruces and nearby. People letting me know when things are happening, letting organizers and interviewers know about the race and that I'm available to speak (even if it isn't about the campaign), and letting us all be conscious of the free opportunities for the message to be shared will help more people know who I am, what I do, and how my responsive leadership, integrity, and vision will benefit Las Cruces.

I will be limiting financial contributions and other aspects of the campaign to the city limits of Las Cruces. I've already heard from people who live in Doña Ana County and even farther afield who are unhappy with that constraint. I can appreciate that they wish to help, but I come back to the decision I made when I first ran in 2011: financial contributions came only from within the boundaries of the district I hoped to represent. I did it again in 2015, and we will expand out to the city limits for the mayoral race in 2019.

This is, to me, much like the situation with national races. We don't want people contributing from foreign countries, even our neighbors in Canada and Mexico, to candidates in our national races. So, financial contributions, up to $1,000 will be accepted from contributors living within the city limits or whose primary headquarters for their businesses are within the city limits. No contributions from PACs will be accepted, and no anonymous contributions in excess of $10 will be accepted.

Those who wish to help but neither live nor have their primary place of business within the city limits are still welcome to help get the word out via word of mouth and helping set up speaking engagements.

I know this is about more than Las Cruces. It is also about the place our city holds in the larger community and in the region, but it still comes back to who can vote on the ballot or with their personal investment in Las Cruces. The mayor of Las Cruces has to accept that those kinds of considerations are paramount, even as we work to be a greater light in our valley and in our region.

Help us get the word out: Gregory Z. Smith will be a full-time mayor for Las Cruces.

¡Viva, Las Cruces!

LIVE Las Cruces!

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