• Gregory Z. Smith

My Vision for Las Cruces

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

There are a number of issues we need to see as important and address for the sake of our future. A few are listed here as part of how I see them being addressed.

Treat Drug Issues as Health Issues 

Our Health Is a Multi-Facited Issue

  • Passing laws saying certain behaviors are illegal is easy, but it is basically only prescribing symptomatic relief

  • Locking people up is a temporary fix for long term issues

  • Other communities are taking a "treat the issues, not just the symptoms” approach

  • Ensure more activities and more diverse activities for our young people

  • Ensure our young people and older professionals have options here

  • Help Las Cruces be a caring community with the right tools for the issues

Support the Las Cruces Museum of Art 

The Prado Exhibit on the Plaza de Las Cruces Presages the Interaction Between the Future MoA and the Plaza

  • The arts can tell our history

  • The arts can honor our culture

  • The arts can give people alternatives for self expression and engagement

  • The future museum will expand opportunities to appreciate all of the above

  • It will include galleries for permanent exhibits not possible currently

  • It will include space for changing exhibits while other exhibits remain open, not currently possible

  • It will preserve an iconic and historic structure (the Old Post Office) downtown

  • It will be an interactive extension of the Plaza de Las Cruces

Increase Public Art Offerings 

Entrada del Sol Gateway in Mesquite Historic District

  • Again, history, culture, and alternatives for self expression and engagement

  • Underscoring our commitment to using the creative economy to expand opportunities in our local economy

  • Presenting Las Cruces as an attractive place to live, work, and play

  • Giving people reasons to believe in their neighborhoods

Expand Museum Opportunities

Permian (Paleozoic) Trackways at the Museum of Nature and Science
  • Expand MoNaS so that traveling exhibits can be shown again

  • Develop a Children's Museum

  • Increase learning opportunities for children and adults, residents and guests

  • Encourage interactive aspects at all museums

Advance Recreation Venues

North Side of Regional Aquatic Center & Site of Future Olympic Pool

  • Locations for local competitions 

  • Locations for regional competitions bringing in visitors

  • Providing alternatives for exercise and health

  • Recreation alternatives for a diverse population

Conscious and Conscientious Growth 

Old County Courthouse - Future Boutique Hotel?

  • Be where we want to live (not hard for most of us)

  • Recognize where we are, both with its constraints and with its opportunities

  • Utilize infill opportunities to take advantage of existing infrastructure and shorter commutes

  • I-Cubed is an effort to encourage innovative use of vacant and underused infill properties

  • Ensure that new development has easy access to parks and community hubs for greater walkability

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