• Gregory Z. Smith

Playing Fields

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Several times a year, we get enough rain for Frenger Park to get flooded. That is by design: Frenger Park is a holding pond when we get a major rain event. Just across Farney, Gomez Park is also a holding pond area.

We have a number of detention and retention pond areas around Las Cruces, but I believe these are two of only three or four set up as playing fields for the times when they are not needed to control flood waters, which is most of the time.

I know that it complicates things to have to clean them out after flood events, and it is inadvisable to locate any expensive equipment or paving in these areas. Still, something I have wanted to explore more is where else we could put these necessary flood containment areas into more productive use the majority of the time. Since they do get water from our rains, even when we are not having flood events, there may be other ways to more fully utilize them, in addition to getting more playing fields in our neighborhoods.

Frenger park holding pond. Great for activities.

Undeveloped flood containment area near Munson Center

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