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Ranked Choice Voting

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Election day for our municipal election is going to be November 5. Under new state law, the election will be run by our County Clerk's Office. On their ballots, voters will be able to choose who is their first choice, and who are their second, third, and so on choices, depending on how many people enter the race. So, it is important for people to know where we can go to vote and how we vote with RCV.

Here's a link to the voting convenience centers and where people will be able to vote early starting October 19 (very early voting will be available at the County Building starting October 8):


[They haven't changed the disclaimer at the top of their page yet. This will be the list for municipal, school board, and soil/water district polling places this year.]

Australia has had ranked choice voting (RCV) for just over 100 years. Several cities in the United States have been doing it in more recent years, and the whole state of Maine and our fellow New Mexico city of Santa Fe started using RCV in 2018. This will be our first election with it, but the higher voter turnout in Santa Fe and the great success rate as far as people marking choices correctly bodes well for us.


Our Ballot Boxes Look Different, but We Do Still Have Paper Ballots

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