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Real People Voting for WHAT'S NEXT

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

I am thankful for all of the support, all of the help, and all of the good wishes. Some of this has come from people openly saying they have voted for me, are voting for me, or will vote for me. There are also a good number of people who are in positions where they need to maintain some distance from the political processes. I appreciate their quiet affirmations of what is important. However, some of the support/help/wishes have also come from people who, for one reason or another, feel they have to vote for another candidate first and for me second. In truth, yes, I'd love to win on the first round on all first choice votes. I'd love to.

That's just not going to happen.

Yes, we need the first choice votes. Let's keep working hard to get them. That said, though, we are going to need 2nd and 3rd choice votes as well. We will lose out on getting those votes, though, if we say anything to suggest people should only vote for their 1st choice. Other candidates saying that are also limiting their opportunities under RCV.


I don't mean to suggest that anyone working on any of the other campaigns or voting for any other other candidates are not real. However, what I do want to say is that, in this age of "bots" and made up personalities on social media, it is refreshing to know the people who are helping get the word out on this campaign. It is heartwarming to hear from the people on the street, in the grocery store, and at events who have voted early and who tell me that they marked me as their first choice.

It is even gratifying to hear from a few people that they had to mark someone else as their first choice, but they then marked me as their second choice.


Ranked choice, ten candidates, some younger, some older, some new on the scene, some with experience, some angry, some wanting to go back to something, some visionary about what's next... We are voting for our future, for our place in the world, for our home being all we can empower it to be.

What's Next

My sense of this is that it is going to be a close race between three of the candidates. The other seven candidates are bringing voters out, drawing our attention to important issues, and to varying degrees speaking from their hearts about what they believe Las Cruces needs. What having ten candidates means is that it is highly unlikely any of us can get a simple majority on the first, second, third, or even sixth round of candidates being eliminated and their voters' other choices being distributed as they have designated.

My sense of this is that we will have to wait until the seventh or eighth round of eliminations to get to the point of a single candidate having enough votes to call it a majority (more than 50%). That means every vote counts,especially when we get to the second through ninth choice votes. So, what I've heard from six of the other candidates in recent weeks resonates.

On a radio forum, one publicly flat out said I'd be that candidate's second choice, and another publicly said that I'd be the sensible choice for that candidate's voters. Four others have come to me privately and shared varying indications of their support, from "you are my second choice" to "if you win, will you..." To be fully transparent, three of the candidates have never said anything along those lines.

To be further fully transparent, I already know who I plan to mark as my second choice on Tuesday, and no, I'm not going to share that information. Why? As I have said publicly, my support comes from a wide spectrum of Las Crucens. Some of my supporters want us to go one way on certain issues; some want us to go another. I believe they are confident that I will listen to all sides, but their second choices may not be the same as mine.

So, I apologize. I've spoken with people about second choices based on the outcomes they wish to see. I haven't shared with anyone, not even my wife, who my second choice will be.


If the votes go the way I believe they will, I will be the next mayor, but only by a very slim margin. Please, if you have not already voted, vote on Tuesday. Please vote with your conscience on the municipal races and vote for as many candidates as you feel you can in the three ranked choice races. Please encourage your neighbors, friends, and family to vote.

It really will make a difference this time.

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