• Gregory Z. Smith

Second Name, First Choice

With ten candidates running for mayor, there are some points that should be made. Let me share ten of them: one each for the number of people running.

First and foremost, while that's a lot of people in one race, I sincerely encourage all of us voters to learn what we can about all of the candidates. Each of the candidates brings strengths and challenges to the race, each of us will bring strengths and challenges to the office if elected.

Second, ranked choice voting (RCV) means that each of us voters can vote our conscience for whomever we believe is best suited for the job; each of us who votes will have one vote that counts in the end, even though we rank our choices. https://www.gregzsmith.org/post/ranked-choice-voting

Third, who the candidates are and what each of us can do should be the most important things, but Gregory Z. Smith does have the good fortune to be the second name on the ballot. That means that voters can find the name to mark (if so choosing) as 1st choice very easily.

Fourth, I've got an easy platform to remember in English, "LIVE Las Cruces!" https://www.gregzsmith.org/post/campaign-platform

Quinta, tengo una plataforma muy fácil recordar en español, "¡VIVA Las Cruces!"


Sixth/Sexta, in both English and Spanish, the acronym "ESP" offers additional important reasons to mark Gregory Z. Smith as the 1st choice for mayor. https://www.gregzsmith.org/post/__esp

Seventh, we need a mayor who is visible and engaged in our community, who is listening to all who come before the city council, and who is regularly interacting with community members in public.

Eighth, we need a mayor ready to represent us well in our region, in our state, in our nation, and even beyond our borders.

Ninth, with one of the ten candidates being the incumbent in the office, that would seem to indicate some desire in the community to see someone different in that office. Gregory Z. Smith as the next mayor is a strong "What's Next."

Tenth, if I felt any of the other candidates was better qualified to serve Las Cruces as its mayor, I would be happy to support that candidate. In good conscience, I continue to run for the office because I believe I have a strong "CASE" for being the 1st choice in that I bring the Conscience, Awareness, Skills, Experience that will help us build a future in Las Cruces in which we want to live and in which we want those who follow us to be able to live.

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