• Gregory Z. Smith

Social Media Woes

I am taking a weeklong break from Facebook. I'd love to say the idea was my own, but it comes from the NAACP, and I agree with doing it for a number of reasons:

1. FB has been one of several services most targeted for political "weaponizing" in recent years, and they have failed to adequately address concerns about how they've been used.

2. Social media in general tends to amplify emotional and uncivil responses to issues that require our thoughtful and productive communication with each other.

3. My own time spent on FB has cut into time that I could have and should have been spending on other efforts.

4. There's something of a "There, I've done something!" sense of accomplishment with posting on social media, when in reality, instead of effectively working to change minds or acting on the issues, we are substituting posting to a community of like-minded "friends" and feeling good about that.

5. This holiday season, there will be, or at least should be, time to see family and friends face-to-face.

So, for a week, I know it will feel like I am surely missing something important, but this feels like a healthy choice to make.

To quote my friend Jess Williams, "Shine On!"

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