• Gregory Z. Smith

We Are Doing This

We didn't ask for the situation. We aren't getting any federal funds to help with it. We are, however, stepping up.

We can do this.

We are doing this.

Our federal government essentially gave us two choices in Las Cruces:

1. Watch Customs and Border Protection drop off people from Central America in our community without food or shelter and do nothing for them for 24 to 48 hours, or longer, while they try to get to where their sponsors are

2. Ask that the people from Central America be dropped off by CBP at designated shelter facilities where we can feed and clothe them for 24 to 48 hours until they can be transported to where their sponsors are

There are entities, both foreign and domestic, with their own reasons for doing so, that see situations like this one as opportunities to divide us. We have plenty of reasons to view things differently in this country, and we enjoy the freedom to express our differences. We also have reasons to face our challenges united. This should be a uniting situation in Las Cruces.

We can do this.

We are doing this.

The land distance between Las Cruces and much of Central America is over 2,000 miles.

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