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Updated: Jun 11, 2019


First and foremost, the best contribution we can each can make to this campaign is word of mouth. What we share with family, friends, and neighbors about the issues, about my experience, and about what we know of Gregory Z. Smith is going to have the greatest impact. As I am still the only announced candidate, the early impression we make with people who trust our judgement is critically important. Let's make it count!

Then, to pay for T-shirts, campaign ads, signs and other campaign expenses, we do need to raise funds for the campaign. The City of Las Cruces has some restrictions, and we have tightened them up even further to make this more about a large base of support in Las Cruces than about large donations, some even coming from other places. So, please consider the following points in that light:

1. Donations need to come from individuals in Las Cruces

* People who live in Las Cruces, or

* People whose primary employment is in Las Cruces, or

* People whose primary business is headquartered in Las Cruces

2. Donations should not exceed $1,000

* Donations in any amount are welcome, up to $1,000

* Several donations can be made by one individual, but the total needs to be $1,000 or less

* Donations larger than $1,000 will be returned to the donors

3. Anonymous donations should not exceed $10

* Any amount up to and including $10 is welcome from donors wishing to remain anonymous

* Amounts larger than $10 donated by one individual will be given to Community of Hope

4. Donations can be made at the campaign gatherings or mailed

* Checks should be made out to GZ Smith for Mayor

* Donations can be mailed to 904 Conway Ave., Las Cruces, NM 88005

We know there is a lot of support in surrounding areas, and I am very appreciative of that. So, for those who are otherwise outside Las Cruces, good word of mouth is a big help. Thank you! For those who can offer both good word of mouth and donations, thank you! Five months out and things are looking great!

Roadrunners seem to mean good things here!


Gregory Z. Smith, Mayor of Las Cruces

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